Mungi Bands

Marbles, pogs and Pokemon cards once brought droves of children together on the playground, where they would trade or chat about their growing collections. Now, social media sites and texting technology have transformed children’s socialization patterns. However, Chad Anger is hoping to bring back some old fashioned face to face networking with his latest invention, Mungi Bands. “It’s not just another Silly Bandz fad. Mungi Bands are about collecting and connecting,” says Anger. “It’s all about the durability and the magnet.”

Accessory Collectibility and Tradability Ensure Continued Profits

Last year saw an overwhelming demand for an item best known as Silly Bandz. These bands are made of silicone rubber and formed in the shapes of animals and objects, and had wholesalers selling and retailers ordering by the truckload. Yet unlike these thin silicone bracelets that lost their initial, eye-catching shape when worn, Mungi Bands are molded half bands, combined by a magnet to make a whole bracelet. “I wanted to bring a product to the market that was more than a collectible, something that was fun and wouldn’t end up sitting in a drawer after the initial thrill had passed,” explains Anger. “The fact that the two halves have to be connected by a magnet, allowing the customer to interchange band designs and making them the designer, is the fun factor.” The tradability factor is apparent upon purchase. There are 22 designs (flowers, sharks, ballet slippers, footballs, etc.) available in a pack of three, giving the wearer an extra to keep for a new look, or to trade with a friend. The combinations are endless, with a possibility of 30 different bracelets, including looks for boys and girls.

Appropriate for ages eight and up, Mungi Bands come in three sizes. The small bands are three and a half inches long, creating a wrist size of seven inches, and the large bands are four inches long with a wrist size of eight inches. Combining a small band with a large band can create a medium size band. The magnets used in connecting the bands have been tested to ensure they are strong enough to stay attached during physical activity, but not too strong to pinch the skin. The magnets have been embedded in the mold of each band to ensure they will not fall out, meeting necessary regulations.

Retailers can purchase a minimum order of 100 packages (five packages of each design pack in size small, and five packages of each in large) for $350 wholesale ($3.50 per pack). Suggested retail is $6.99. “I encourage retailers to call for samples, and look at the designs and play with the magnets,” says Anger. “New designs are in the works, and we are planning on putting a store locator on our website, so customers collecting Mungi Bands can locate participating retailers.”

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