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Sometimes an emergency calls for a firearm, including for retailers who handle frequent monetary transactions and carry lucrative merchandise. “Protecting your firearms from unauthorized use is serious business, and here at Patriot Safe, we understand this,” says Michael J. Proctor, national sales manager. “While we completely agree with your right to own guns, we also want you to be as cautious as you can with them.” Whether you are a retailer looking to resell a quality line of safes, or to keep your personal in-store firearm protected, Patriot Safe’s 30 years experience makes the company a leader in both discount and premium gun safes. “I work with the military, church groups, flea market vendors, and mom and pop stores,” notes Proctor. “We are a triple “A” rated business with the Better Business Bureau, and we offer more of a wholesale price model.”

Unique, Best in Class Safes

All of Patriot Safes’ products come with a lifetime warranty that covers the safe in case of fire, lock failure, or attempted break-in, for the lifetime of the original owner (just keep your original receipt). “Patriot Safes will repair your safe on your property for free. If we cannot fix it we will ship you a replacement,” adds Proctor. Other unique and best-in-class features are built-in vibration sensors and a locking system that can be overridden in case of a malfunction. “With hundreds of safes in stock, we believe we have the gun safe you have been looking for. From our ‘Premium’ Patriot Gun Safes to our ‘Economy’ Warrior Gun Safes, we think you can find a safe that fits you,” says Proctor. Among some of the best selling safes are the smaller handgun safes, but many customers are interested in adding custom designs or custom ghost labels to the safes. “All suggested retail prices are on the company website. Wholesale prices, however, are flexible, as there is no map pricing. We tailor our safes to the customers’ needs, making a perfect fit for their market,” says Proctor.

The newest and a favorite line among avid Second Amendment supporters is, “The Spirit of 1776” line. Among the designs are patriotic themes, including a “We The People” vault door, illustrating the American Flag and Declaration of Independence. The line features Closet models, Collector models and the Protector model. The Protector gun safe is the best value, not only because of its high quality construction and extra depth, but also because of its extreme versatility to store not only guns but also other valuables. This gun vault would be the preferred choice for the collector or sportsman who needs to store a lot, but would rather not contend with one of the larger gun safes.

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