Smushion Relaxation Cushion

Self described as a lounge lizard, Nick Hyde, VP of sales and retail development for the Smushion, lives by one motto, “Get comfy.” The Smushion, Hyde’s inspiration behind a comfy lifestyle, was created in 2006 by business partner and friend, Eric Elan. “He came up with the idea after he and a group of his friends returned home from a college football game, tired and uncomfortable from standing around all day. As he lay down on the couch and tried to rest, he realized he couldn’t find a comfortable position to rest his aching feet,” Hyde explains. The initial idea was to create an ottoman for a coffee table, cushioning the hard top. Today, the Smushion is a multi-use memory foam cushion, designed to solve all comfort needs: ottoman, lap desk, lumbar support, and armrest.

Wholesale Multipurpose Home Accent

As the company website reveals, “After several trips to the fabric store and an argument over some faux fur, the first Smushion was constructed with love, staple guns and a genuine desire to create comfort.” Amid the stuffing, staples and a few prototypes, a compelling version eventually emerged, keeping that “genuine desire to create comfort” in tact. The Smushion is a lightweight, portable multipurpose home accent made from high quality memory foam, covered in a machine washable microfiber suede cover. The memory foam conforms to the body and reduces pressure points, and even with frequent use the cushion can last decades. Customers are only faced with the hard decision to pick their favorite cover. “Luckily, we sell covers separately for consumers looking to change their style,” notes Hyde. “It is a bit tricky, and does have to go on the right way for a perfect fit, but as the Smushion grows in popularity we will be adding designs, licensed and non-licensed.” Covers are currently available in solid colors, with locally licensed logos (Georgia Tech, University of Georgia), and designer prints.

There are no real minimum order requirements, as retailers on average purchase a minimum of 12 Smushions that come a dozen to a carton. For those retailers purchasing under 100 non-licensed units, a wholesale cost of $14 can be expected, with an 80 percent markup of $24.99. “We offer some great price breaks though,” says Hyde. “For instance, for retailers purchasing 500 units, the wholesale cost is $12.50, allowing for a 100 percent markup.” Volume discounts are offered for 100 units, 500, and 1,000 units, up to 5,000 units. “We also offer flat rate shipping for all orders throughout the U.S., and a free drop shipping program,” notes Hyde.

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