Ancient Inspired Incense

Speculated to have origins in Ancient Egypt, incense has come to serve a purpose in the religious and relaxation practices of many cultures. The uniform and codified system of incense making, first started in India, only increased popularity of the aromatic biotic materials. Now looking to supply consumers for whom incense burning has become a way of life, Pure Incense USA offers a Made in America product, manufactured using ancient techniques and high quality materials. Marketing 11 and 19 inch incense sticks has proven to be a successful venture for the manufacturer. “We’ve received a lot of great feedback at the tradeshows we attend, as well as from our customers,” says Leslie Charles, CEO. “I always encourage retailers and their customers to give our products a try. Any feedback received is used to improve our products.”

Pure Incense USA Expands Fragrance Product Line

With up to a 4.5 hour burning rate and multiple top selling fragrances, Pure Incense USA has had success since its launch in 2009. The newest additions to its product line are imported electric oil burners and car/body oil sprays. “The electric burners, imported from China, come in multiple designs, many of which can be seen in the catalogs posted on the company website,” notes Charles. Using fragrance oil or a combination of oil and water, the electric burners can assist in aromatherapy, creating a mood or masking unpleasant odors. “The addition of water helps with the evaporation and dispersing of fragrance,” adds Charles.

All products can be purchased directly on the website, with no minimum order, and wholesale distributors can buy by the pallet load. “All of our resellers can expect a 30 percent markup from the original wholesale price on all our products,” says Charles. This includes one ounce car/body oil sprays. With 144 different fragrances to choose from, retailers are not without choices to fill the 25 bottle counter display, a molded foam holding the bottles into place. “While we supply mainly to convenience stores at this time, our products, including the dual odor removing/perfume spray, would be well suited for gift shops and boutiques,” says Charles.

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