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With big, bold, and sometimes gaudy fashion jewelry taking the market by storm, traditional buyers of gold, silver and gemstones may be worried that sleek styles and simple designs have been replaced. It’s also a hard truth for many wholesalers, retailers and consumers that the cost of precious metals is so high. However, Sun Fashion Designs has a low cost, high quality, sophisticated alternative: designer inspired, bonded/plated jewelry.

Simple Jewelry Solutions for Gift Giving

The manufacturer’s bonding process, utilizing a combination of several different colors of gold, produces a product that radiates and easily passes as a solid gold piece. The appearance allows for high markup and provides a less expensive alternative for those who can’t afford the real thing. In fact, long time manager, Deidre Parker, explains, “A retailer can buy a charm for a manufacturer’s price of $3 from us, and mark it up to $40, as there is a gap in the market. The only other option is to purchase a gold charm for $250 and up. Consumers are more likely to buy our gold and silver plated items.”

While a look of authenticity is among the company’s top priorities, Sun Fashion Designs offers some newer pieces that exemplify the other qualities consumers are looking for in jewelry. Among them are the 14K Gold Bonded Heart Pendant, a gift that is simple, elegant, and while not big, provides huge amounts of sentiment. “This is our most popular heart pendant, and for obvious reasons,” says Parker. “It sparks as much sentiment and feeling as it does conversation.” There is also the unisex Sterling Silver Bonded 3+1 Link Brushed Bracelet, great for children, exuding glam from a brushed technique. “While the base of the element is highly polished, the surface is a hand cut ‘Pave Brilliante’ finish, so each element glimmers to catch and sparkle in the light,” adds Parker. Brilliance, glamour and designer inspired are among the many looks that consumers are searching for, overshadowing bold and gaudy with its sophistication.

All of the new and highly sought after items fall below $15 wholesale, and bring a profitable retail price of $50 to $75. When ordering, Parker advises that although there is no minimum order, buyers should take into consideration shipping costs. For retailers looking for an even more economical purchase, Sun Fashion Designs offers pieces with reduced precious metal bonding, or plating at a lower price.

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