Reliable Rechargeable E-Cigs from SmokersVapor

SmokersVapor E-CigsSince e-cigarettes cannot be marketed as therapeutic nicotine cessation devices, Barry Gray, owner of SmokersVapor, is careful not to guarantee benefits beyond the label of an alternative smoking device, but suggests that with the right planning smokers may be able to cut back on traditional smoking. However, there is one thing Gray can guarantee, and that is old fashion customer service, which has allowed her company to grow large and fast in just under two years.

SmokersVapor Promises Customer Service and Vaping Juice Selection

And while Gray only asks for 10 minutes of your time to explain the benefits of her stainless steel, rechargeable e-cig kits, she and her team promise a lifetime of customer service. “The objective is to provide customers with a unit that is going to last them a long time and be cost effective,” she explains. “We take care of our customers with a 60 day warranty, while most e-cig distributors only offer a 28 to 30 day manufacturer’s warranty.” In fact, Gray explains that it is a job requirement within her company that reps pick up their phone and provide one-on-one attention if necessary.

To Gray, no electronic cigarette is a bad electronic cigarette, as long as it is meeting the smoker’s expectations and assisting in the smoker’s ultimate goal. However, there are quite a few features offered by SmokersVapor and its electronic cigarettes that set it apart from other smoking alternatives on the market. First, unlike many other e-cig solutions, SmokersVapor provides stainless steel rechargeable battery units. “Say your ceramic battery unit got dropped. This could easily allow the unit to break or the memory chip inside to get dislodged,” Gray explains. “I’m looking to promote longevity.” Customers will also find a top choice in vaping juices offered by SmokersVapor. These juices, containing propylene glycol or the alternative vegetable glycerin, are available in traditional tobacco flavors, or the wildly popular fruits, drinks and spices categories. And while traditional smokers can visibly see their remaining ration in a carton, vaping liquid is a bit different. “We provide a red line on the bottle, almost like an empty tank indicator. Just as you would fill up at a quarter of a tank of gas, the red line is telling you it is time to make another order,” says Gray.

Battery lifespan varies between brands, and is determined by the number of full mouth puffs. These can range between 150-400 puffs, or drags. Each product typically identifies its capacities in the product description area. The best advice is to keep one battery on charge while you are using another one. A battery can be recharged up to 300 times. And while some smokers may be interested in disposable e-cig so as to leave out the hassle of recharging, Gray reminds them that they are still spending money two to three times a week for a replacement. “After two weeks, they could have afforded a kit from us and still be using it,” she adds.

Gray’s mission, however, wasn’t solely to provide the best quality electronic cigarette on the market, but to offer it at blue collar pricing, fitting for the smokers spending a fortune on cigarettes in a down economy. “Our most expensive unit is $65 retail, while many on the market average around $85,” Gray notes. And retailers don’t have to worry about making a profit, as they can at least expect a 50 percent markup on SmokersVapor’s products and sometimes even as high as a 200 percent markup. “Our best selling 510 Starter Kit is available for $32 wholesale with a suggest retail of $45,” says Gray. “While this might not seem like a large markup, I remind retailers that they will make most of their profit from selling our accessories like cartridges and vaping juices, which will need to be replaced often by e-cig smokers.”

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