JOGS Gem and Jewelry Show

JOGS International Exhibits “We have people from 36 different countries exhibiting with us,” says Irene Mayzenberg, promoter for the event. “Most of them are jewelry designers and manufacturers, but we also have a number of miners and stonecutters as well. Our show is one of the largest silver shows in all of the U.S., and in terms of variety, we probably have the most.”

Internation Pavillions Showcase a World of Gems and Jewelry

The international pavilions make the JOGS Gem and Jewelry Show a worldwide attraction. “The Amber Pavilion is the biggest in the United States,” Mayzenberg notes. “There are about 30 amber dealers, everything from carvers to stonecutters to jewelry designers. It’s the best selection that anyone will ever see of amber.” Featuring dealers from Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Colombia, and the U.S., the Amber Pavilion is always on the cutting edge in showcasing new products. JOGS also has more than 100 booths dedicated to Native American Jewelry at the Southwestern Pavilion, which features contemporary, antique and reproductions from various tribes such as the Navajo, Zuni, and Hopi. Other popular pavilions include the Nepal Jewelry Pavilion, the Thailand Jewelry and Gem Pavilion, and the International Gem Pavilion.

Allowing attendees to buy directly from the wholesale sources, the event also offers more than 100 jewelry classes and two special exhibits (Unique Stone Carving and Indus Valley Pottery). Held at the Tucson Expo Center, at 3750 East Irvington Road, registration for the JOGS Gem and Jewelry Show is still open, and attendees can register at the show as well.