Better Care for Eyewear recently issued a news release on the ABCs of eye health, reminding those who are visually impaired, “that it is never too late to learn how to take better care of your eyes.” Rick Hopper, creator and founder of ReadeRest, also believes the same is true for eyewear. He comments, “ReadeRest keeps your eyewear investment safe when it’s not on your face.” The ReadeRest, rebranded as SpecSecure, is an eyeglass holding solution featuring a stainless steel design, strong enough to hold the weight of 50 pairs of glasses on most shirts and blouses.

An Eyewear Solution for Security, Fashion and Functionality

Hopper details the durability and strength of the product, explaining, “It’s a lightweight product, but it’s super powerful, working on sweatshirts, fleece, denim, and just about every type of clothing except for a thick motorcycle leather jacket.” In fact, it is the product’s robust design that has led Hopper to rebrand. “ReadeRest served a purpose and was a cool sounding name in the market, but SpecSecure has a better impact, is easier to remember, and speaks to the product more truthfully. Glasses don’t just rest on my invention, but are secured,” notes Hopper. Customers no longer stick their glasses in their shirt and worry about bending over to pick something up, causing the glasses to fall out and get scratched on the ground. “No more scratched lenses! No more missing glasses!,” he adds.

The ReadeRest illustrates flexibility in its usage, as Hopper has known some customers to hang their Bluetooth earpiece, golfing tees, as well as fishing hooks and lures on the product, in order to keep them secure and at their side. The latest trends in use, however, are as a name badge holder among the hospitality and medical industries, as well as a secure holder for crafter’s scissors and ballpoint pens.

ReadeRest’s simple design and extensive uses has created a stir that allows it to be successfully marketed to hospital gift stores, salons, wineries, hardware stores and more. The product has also gained quite a bit of international attention. Hopper explains, however, “The ReadeRest is made available to many countries strictly through a web presence. It is in the U.S. that we are focusing growth and partnerships with retailers.” Although the website lists retail prices, ReadeRest is also available at wholesale prices. While previously advertised at three different order levels of $250, $1,000 and $5,000, retailers can now supply the ReadeRest in their store for one low-risk investment of $160. For this cost-efficient purchase, retailers will receive Hopper’s “starter kit,” which includes a free counter top display and free shipping.

Independent retailers are invited to visit the ReadeRest website to take a look at the growing fashion designs. Designs range from stainless steel to those adorned with Swarovsky crystals in a variety of colors. Hopper also mentions that he is currently looking into expanding the line by adding a heart and ribbon shaped ReadeRest, in support of Heart Disease Awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness and to Support the Troops. “Hopefully once these new designs are underway, we can do our part by contributing a percentage of the profits to the associated organizations,” he notes. Hopper encourages feedback from users and buyers. “We like when people contact us with improvements, ideas for different products, or simply with a thank you. It makes it all worthwhile,” he says.

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