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What do 200,000 Americans getting a facelift annually and 10 million Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder sufferers have in common? Their symptomatic care requires hot and cold therapy. And while a bag of peas and hot towels have been the method of relief for decades, John Lucas, designer and inventor of the FaceCaddy, wanted to introduce a no-nonsense, hands-free product, for a more effective targeted therapy relief.

Targeted Therapy Relief You Can Take Home

FaceCaddy is available in Midnite Black or Hot Pink, and is made of strong, but soft elastic fabric, which provides compression. Inside, built-in pockets hold the two reusable ice/heat packs where they are needed. Velcro tabs make Face Caddy easy to put on and take off. “With FaceCaddy, you just slip the reusable hot/cold packs (included) into the pockets, wrap the FaceCaddy around your head and secure the Velcro tabs. You’re not held hostage trying to hold the packs in place, and you can work, cook, read or rest comfortably,” explains Lucas. While an inspired product for plastic surgeons, the FaceCaddy has illustrated its ability to help TMJ, migraine and sinus pain sufferers, as well as assist in reducing hot flashes and night sweats.

The success of the FaceCaddy led Lucas to start a wholesale program. “This past year I decided to get into stores and expand my product line,” says Lucas. “I’m a small businessman myself, so it is my preference to work with independent retailers who think my products would be a good fit for their stores.” The newest additions to the CaddyWrap Product line include the EyeCaddy, ChinCaddy and BackCaddy, all Made in America, and providing the same hands-free relief. Expected to be popular in independent stores, the FaceCaddy and EyeCaddy will be available in a 10 unit package, with each unit wholesaling for under $10. “It’s true I offer these products online for a retail price of $24.99, with the lowest shipping at $7.99, but retailers selling in-store can expect to make keystone and still beat my online price,” says Lucas.

While the product’s in-store marketing is in its initial phases, Lucas mentions that each CaddyWrap product comes in a clear vinyl zipper bag that can either rest on a shelf with its flat bottom, or be hung on a rack or peg-board. Showcasing at the January New York International Gift Fair, CaddyWrap Products will be receiving orders at Booth 35046, and shipping these orders for free. “For anyone reading this article who references this magazine, I will also ship their order for free,” says Lucas.

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