FortuneKeeper Keepsakes

While today’s fortune cookies carry silly sayings or obvious statements, once in a while you’ll see a message and want to hold on to it for inspiration. FortuneKeeper necklaces and key chains are intended to safely store these prized fortunes, quotes, mantras, prayers, pictures or affirmations. A product that has been in the works for over three years, FortuneKeeper launched its wholesale business last January at the New York International Gift Fair. “It was our mission to help people keep their dreams and goals, and to make them happy and positive during hard times,” says company partner, Chrisie Canny. “Wearing the items close everyday will help in boosting a person’s spirit, keep them motivatied, and act as a little extra positive reinforcement.”

Positive Reinforcement in a Gift

Canny confesses that the prices and minimum piece count have changed over the past year of production, in order to keep up with labor costs and other finances associated with ensuring that FortuneKeeper remains a Made in America product. Currently the wholesaler requires a 24 piece minimum, with both necklaces and key chains wholesaling under $15. Retailers can expect to make keystone or more. Innovatively designed, each piece comes in a decorative tin with a story card about the design and its intended meaning. FortuneKeeper displays a fantastic image on one side and allows your favorite fortune, saying or inspiration to be safely stored between two pieces of crafted Lucite. These two pieces are secured by rare earth magnets, and finished with lead free beads. The message is easily viewed on the reverse side of the printed design.

While FortuneKeeper began with necklaces, key chains have become the favorite, as many consumers are purchasing the item as a gift. “I think many people aren’t sure if everyone will wear a necklace, especially if you are buying for men,” notes Canny. The designs incorporating a Swarovsky Crystal or stainless steel have proven to be good buys, as Canny found during the Holiday Market in Union Square in New York City. The designs are the real factor in making a sale. “The most popular designs at this time are our Transformation, Brooklyn Bridge and Cherry Blossom prints,” she says. “Transformation has been a big hit during this economy and in times of hardship, as it presents the Buddhist Wheel, expressing a message to reach for enlightenment as you follow your path in a beautiful direction.”

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