Body Language Solutions

Being aware of customer needs and expectations plays a large role in the acquisition of desirable results, such as a sale. No detail in evaluating your customer service should go unexamined, including body language. Owning a brick and mortar store involves plenty of one on one interaction. Whether your customers are coming in to browse, make a purchase, or return an item, you want excellent customer service all around, including a friendly face to face experience every time.

Body Language Matters to the Customer

It may be obvious that smiling when greeting a customer is a good technique to start with, as customers know when you are genuinely smiling and concerned about their wants and needs. However, you and your staff may be giving off negative body language that you are completely unaware of. Below are body language mistakes to avoid:

1) Clasping and rubbing hands together. Customers may think you are nervous or uncomfortable, or worse, that you are arrogant and believe you have already closed the sale. Solution: Let your hands naturally rest at your sides or on your lap, depending on if you are sitting or standing.

2) Clock watching. Customers may think you have something more important to do than their needs. Solution: Forget the time and focus on the customer.

3) Arm crossing. Customers may think you are closed off or uninterested in what they are saying. Solution. Open your arms to appear more receptive.

4) No eye contact. Customers may think you can’t be trusted or are holding something back. Solution: Be engaged and interested and always look the customer in the eye.

This has been adapted from a management piece on American Express OPEN Forum