Glass Blown Pipes

At least as far back as 1500 B.C., people have made and used glass pipes. In 50 B.C., the Romans created the blown glass pipe, which allowed molten glass to be shaped to an individual’s preference, reports Today, California based Smoking Glass Pipe offers thousands of styles and designs, updated every six months, for a smoking community looking for a cleaner, unaffected taste of the tobacco product they are smoking. Whether the smoker views their tobacco lighting as a pleasurable pastime, an act of de-stressing or a form of social interaction, glass pipes offer both beauty and easy and fast cleaning. And for wholesale prices as low as $10, retailers can expect a high profit margin when reselling. “As a direct dealer from the manufacturer, Smoking Glass Pipe offers some of the lowest prices, allowing for a profit margin four to five times the wholesale cost,” notes Basu Ghimire, owner.

High Quality Pipes for Smoking Community

In business for about a decade, Smoking Glass Pipe has learned that business is best when offering low prices, updated inventory and high quality merchandise, such as its popular Made in America glass water pipes. These glass water pipes allow the user to filter the smoke through water before inhalation, to cool off the vapors. For those with sensitive throats, a glass water pipe offers a more comfortable alternative to inhaling hot smoke. And while customers love the options between glass hand pipes, glass water pipes and even hookahs, all serving a different purpose in the smoking community, it is also the company’s diligent effort in designing these pieces that keeps the customers coming back for more.

Ghimire claims to listen to both the wholesalers and independent shops he supplies to, designing pieces to their liking and keeping in mind that these smoking tools are almost like fashion accessories, changing every few months. “Our customers’ feedback is very important to us and helps in making our design decisions,” says Ghimire. “Plain and simple, we want to keep our product unique.” Unique product is what attracts both wholesalers and retailers to Smoking Glass Pipe’s product selection, and the company is willing to accommodate both with the ultimate goal of creating a network that connects distributors and retailers. Currently, wholesalers are required to purchase products by the box, which could carry between 70 to 250 pieces. Retailers can purchase any quantity of items online.

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