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Pet Plaques by SJT

SJT EnterprisesRepresenting a niche in the giftware market, SJT Enterprises offers gift and souvenir stores an increasingly popular novelty line: American made wooden plaques that celebrate man’s best friend. The company’s plaques for pet lovers, featuring witty sayings about popular dog breeds, sell best for the wholesaler and its gift, drug, and pet store retailers. “2011 was one of our best years with the dog breed plaques,” says Tim Smith, president. “The stores we sell to are also doing well, as we are consistently refilling orders for the same customers.” With a wholesale value of $2.79 each, retailers are making healthy profit margins during a time of bargain hunting and frugal shopping.

Pets on Plaques Big Hit for Households

SJT EnterprisesMade at company headquarters in Ohio, there is a sign for each of the 91 dog breeds that reads, “Welcome.” There are also signs that carry sentimental and humorous messages along with the dog images. Among them are, “Love is being owned by a (picture of dog breed),” and, “A spoiled rotten (breed name) lives here.” The minimum order is $100. Additional benefits include a free, “Love & Laughter,” floor display, offered with an order of four units each of 48 different breeds of the retailer’s choice, totaling 192 units. Smith assures that new dog breeds are being added this year. However, currently offered are larger signs (10 by 16 inches), which Smith claims, “is great for the man cave, as well as any part of the home.” One of the newer and larger designs reads, “Top Dog Inn BeerHounds Welcome.”

Smith, confident in the newfound success of SJT’s wooden pet plaques and their reasonable retail price point, notes, “We have a program in which we guarantee that after 120 days, if you haven’t sold 50 percent or more of your order, we’ll take it back with free shipping. The terms and conditions can be accessed on our website.” SJT carries other products, including magnets, and its newest addition, Sea Life Plaques. A big hit at the Surf Expo, the Sea Life Plaques offer images of sea creatures such as dolphins, turtles and sharks and can include a name drop for souvenir and gift shops along the shores, all for the same low wholesale price of $2.79.

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