The Kole Difference

While humble about their successful ventures, business leaders like Rob and Danny Kole, brothers and co-presidents of Kole Imports, have over 25 years experience and knowledge of the preferences of today’s frugal retailers, and their equally cost-conscious customers. “At a time when many companies are sitting and waiting to see what will happen in the market, we are committed to finding more and more deals, in an effort to help our customers make their own store a destination that consumers want to shop,” explains Danny Kole. The Kole brothers are realistic, and believe the economy will stay relatively precarious in 2012. Since retail shoppers continue to gravitate towards bargains, those wholesalers in the business of offering the best deals, lowest prices, and highest profit returns will continue to grow, they believe.

Kole Offers Bargains and Varied Price Points

For this reason, Kole has shifted its focus to more and more bargains, particularly closeouts and deep discounted wholesale items. “Today’s consumers are being more selective with how they spend their money, and we feel that offering more items and better deals is a must to ensure success,” says Danny Kole. This doesn’t mean, however, that the best deals come only in the form of dollar merchandise. In fact, throughout 2010 and 2011, Kole Imports has worked hard to establish the company as an, “importer and closeout buyer of all price points.” According to Kole, “We have made huge strides in this area, with over 30 percent of our goods now being closeouts, covering many price points.” Looking ahead he adds, “One of our biggest goals for 2012 is to really rebrand ourselves so that customers understand that we are not just importers, and not just a provider of dollar merchandise. We are much more varied now.”

With a change in overall strategy, the company is confident that its customers will be able to continue to offer deals in their stores that otherwise would not be available. “We have established ourselves as an even more valuable source of merchandise, providing merchandise that allows our customers to increase their profit margins,” notes Kole, “while also focusing on packaging and simple selling solutions for those retailers looking for quick turnover.” One of Kole’s recent purchases is a mix of merchandise that is higher end in regards to household items, baking sets, home décor and other mixed categories.

At the ASD Las Vegas Show in late March, Kole Imports will be showcasing 35 booths (Booths SU1000 to SU1118) of its newest merchandise, as well as Kole’s regular line and all its closeouts. The Kole brothers are also expecting a buzz about the company’s completely reviewed and updated packaging that has been in the works for the past six to nine months. “We have fully recommitted to continuing our packaging at the forefront of the industry, to help keep our customers’ stores looking fresh,” says Kole. It was just a short time ago that Kole Imports added its Promo Pallets line, prepackaged displays of merchandise, available in different sizes: starter pallets, floor displays, counter top displays and dump displays.

After 25 plus years in business, Kole Imports is still going strong, sourcing great products, coming up with new ideas, and preparing for a long and successful future. What sets Kole Imports apart? The company has the ability and reputation to buy closeouts almost immediately, without a long analysis process. Once a purchasing decision is made, the closeout buyer pays immediately, no matter the size of the deal. Retailers then see the Kole difference, as the company offers them detailed product descriptions for easier selection, which includes product name, real quantity in stock, UPC, detailed pictures, weight, brand name, color, length, width, height and more. “We look at our customers as our partners. That may sound corny, but we are clear on one reality: if our customers don’t do well, we don’t do well. Our slogan ‘Your Profit Source,’ is something that we take very seriously as we want to continue to see our customers profit on the merchandise they buy from us,” says Kole.

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