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Despite what some pundits say about DVD sales not doing well, Marty Toombs, VP of operations for 303 Marketing, begs to differ. While it is true that On Demand services, Redbox rentals, and high retail prices continue to effect DVD sales, 303 Marketing has found a solution to excite the retail market. The company’s customizable DVD programs promise profitable and quick product turnover for retailers and cost effective entertainment for their customers. Often wholesaling for under $2, retailers in all markets can provide an attractive price point and expect a decent profit margin. Retailers can resell the DVDs for as low as $2.99 apiece to upwards of $6.99 apiece, explains Toombs.

Flexibility in price points isn’t all the company has to offer, as retailers such as grocery stores, discount stores, convenience stores and even flea markets, are provided with a vast selection of displays and merchandise. With an average of two million DVDs and BluRays in inventory, retailers can choose based on categories such as blockbuster hits, classics, horror and children’s titles, or opt for an assortment of titles based on the demographic and price point of their individual markets. “To assist in selling the merchandise we provide proven programs such as our permanent bins with replenishment options, corrugated shelf and floor displays, and even multipacks that come packaged from two to ten packs, and more,” says Toombs. With so many options retailers can showcase these impulse buys on the floor, a shelf or at the checkout counter.

Toombs also notes that 303 Marketing is looking for DVD and BluRay closeouts. “While we have an average inventory of two million items, there is constant turnover that needs to be replenished,” he explains. “We do this through closeout buying opportunities.” With 30 years experience in the retail supply business, 303 Marketing has gained the knowledge of what sells, and the best price points and displays in which to market its products.

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