KC’s Pet Decor

Cats and dogs are often seen as an extension of family. People decorate their homes with their kids’ pictures and homemade artwork, but also hang signs or place door topper figurines in the likeness of their pet, among the accents in their home, claims Ken Cleveland, owner and president of KC Creations. Supplying to a market of proud pet owners, KC Creations offers retailers pet inspired giftware and novelty items to meet the needs of such a niche market.

Pet Inspired Novelty Items and Giftware

Among KC Creation’s newest offers are its door toppers and leash holders. Simple plaster molds designed and sculpted in the likeness of a dozen cats and 60 breeds of dogs, the company’s door toppers are meant to be a decorative touch to any door or window frame. “Their flat bottom and back allow them to sit on top of the molding and against the wall,” says Cleveland. “They are more fun than functional, whereas our leash holders serve a purpose outside of their decorative aspect.” KC’s leash holders, also a similarly sculpted plaster item, can be hung anywhere and have pegs to hang your pets leash on.

While the limited number of cat designs indicates an emphasis on dog designs, Cleveland adds that smaller breeds of dogs are among the most popular door toppers and leash holders. But with a wholesale price between $10 and $12 and a suggested retail of $25, retailers will find any of the products a profitable addition to their store. “We require no minimum,” notes Cleveland. “Retailers can mix and match any of the items on our site in their order. This helps independents who may not have a large budget.” In addition to the newest product lines, KC Creations offers pet related novelty signs such as “Crossing” signs, and “Dog on Board” signs for the car.

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