Phos-Chek Fire Safety

Phos-Chek long-term retardant has been well-known for over 50 years by state and federal agencies involved with environment preservation and wildfire prevention. But with the help of Firebreak Spray System, Phos-Chek will soon be a household name. Available to retailers, including hardware, home improvement and home and garden stores, Phos-Chek now ensures individual home owners that the vegetation and landscape surrounding their home is safe from fire. “We have yet to determine the exact wholesale pricing and marketing materials to be supplied to retailers, but those who are interested in carrying the line can inquire with a call to Firebreak Spray Systems,” explains George Roby, new business development leader for Phos-Chek Fire Safety Group (subsidiary of ICL PPLP).

The product will be available as either a clear liquid concentrate that needs to be mixed with water, or as a premixed solution. Household users only use a spray system to apply the ammonia poly-phosphate retardant. “A backpack sprayer, garden sprayer or any spraying system will work with this product,” says Roby. “All of which can be picked up at the same store Phos-Chek would be available in.” Phos-Chek long-term retardants are the safest, most effective, and environmentally friendly retardants available, he adds. No other products meet the current USDA Forest Service specification for long-term retardant. This specification includes product qualification testing for combustion retarding effectiveness, environmental, safety and health and corrosion standards.

The fire retardant consists of fertilizer type salts, corrosion inhibitors, and flow conditioners. The salts, when heated by the approaching fire, react with the woody material, grass and other organic matter, rendering it unburnable and thus retarding the fire spread. “This reaction is independent of the added water content,” explains Roby. Phos-Chek retardant is effective as long as the salts cling to the grass or woody material. The water contained in the fire retardant solution functions only as a carrier for the fire retardant, evaporating before arrival of the fire, and consequently contributing little in terms of fire retardancy.


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