Property Protection

When you are a business owner, chances are your days are filled with important meetings and tending to pressing matters within the company. It’s because of this busy schedule that many business owners do not stop to think about the level of security in place at their commercial property. If you think you have every protective measure in place, make sure this is truly the case by reading the following guide to physical security that discusses everything from choosing security shutters to implementing the right CCTV.

Physical Security Systems

Security Shutters. Security shutters can be used for numerous applications and are a highly effective security measure. They can be incorporated into a shop front to protect windows and doors from being smashed or otherwise damaged, which can lead to intrusion and theft. Industrial settings also stand to benefit greatly from the installation of security shutters, as they can be used both externally and internally.

Anti-Bandit Glass. Anti-bandit glass, also referred to as multi laminated glass, is the one of the toughest forms of glass available on the market. Anti-bandit glass can withstand multiple blows when using items such as hammers, bricks and crowbars, and therefore is widely used for display cabinets that showcase expensive or rare items. When used in a commercial setting, you can rest assured it will significantly slow down any burglars’ attempts to gain access to your property.

CCTV. There are many companies that offer CCTV systems. To make sure you are getting the very best in terms of security, choose a company that offers monitored CCTV and high definition CCTV. This means you can rest assured a professional team is watching over the area, thanks to a crystal clear picture of the various potential entrances.

Security Guards. More often than not the physical presence of a security guard is enough to deter would-be thieves; therefore employing guards to protect the premises at night is a great investment for the ultimate peace of mind. Depending on the size of the building, you may wish to employ multiple security guards to watch over specific areas of the setting.

Security Cages. The installation of security cages is a great way of instantly adding a high security area within your business setting. Cages are often utilized for keeping items such as expensive jewelry, pharmaceuticals, firearms or even hazardous material safely in one place, with extremely limited access. This helps to not only safeguard the area from thieves and vandals, it also ensures only authorised members of staff have access to what is inside the cage.

As a business owner, make sure your business setting is fully protected by implementing additional security measures both within the property and on the perimeters. You will have peace of mind.

Sophie Baker-Britton has written numerous articles on the importance of physical security products, ensuring businesses large and small are fully aware of the protection that is available to them.