It is during our most challenging moments that we need a little inspiration, motivation and positivity. But according to QUOTEYAK co-founders Nadia Breuer Sopher and Michele Newman, every day should be inspired and full of encouragement. “As mothers, our greatest inspiration has always been our children, whose diverse interests, academic, artistic, athletic and otherwise, have shown us the value of being passionate and celebrating strengths,” says Newman. “Our original goal for QUOTEYAK was to provide a creative outlet to bring those ideas to our kids in a form they could see and read every day, as they pursue their passions.” However, since the product’s official launch at the New York International Gift Show in January, both women have found an audience beyond parents and their kids. “We have museum shops, college co-ops and other independent retailers buying the product. People have even claimed to have purchased them as corporate gifts,” says Newman. “We are growing at a rapid pace, receiving international attention from places like Canada, Mexico and Australia.”

Currently QUOTEYAK carries six inspirational collections targeted towards scholars, athletes, writers, leaders, performers and artists. The tin can easily be displayed on any hard surface and holds 20 cards, each with a different quote by a well recognized person in the role or profession represented by the collection. Brightly colored with bold white lettering, QUOTEYAK packs catch the eye of any passerby, and with its petite size makes it a perfect fit atop any counter as an impulse buy. While POP displays are still in the works, Sopher and Newman ensure a countertop display is among some of the ideas they are working on.

Keeping small businesses in mind, like the many museum gift shops QUOTEYAK has already sold to, a low minimum order of 24 pieces is required. Collections are allowed to be mix and matched based on each store’s particular demographic. “Many of our museum gift shops stock up on the ‘I am an Artist’ and ‘I am a Performer’ collections over the others,” notes Newman. Wholesaling between $10 and $12, retailers can expect to make keystone on each inspirational collection tin. According to Sopher and Newman, some of their stores have already sold out of inventory and are looking to place another order. Now that is inspiration!


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