Coasterica Coasters

Coasterica CoastersAlthough a young company in the wholesale and general merchandise industry, Joster International has already made an impact on participating retailers’ sales, creating customer buzz in the gift and home décor markets. For instance, Joster’s one-of-a-kind line of silicone coasters, known as Coasterica Coasters, is a reinvented take on the traditional drinkware coaster. The modern day drinkware accessory slips on any stemware glass and stays on, going wherever the drinker and their glass go. With a medley of vibrant colors and designs, wine charms are easily replaced. “They do it all. These silicone drink coasters stretch to fit almost any size stemware, containing drips from room to room,” says J. Norness, co-founder of Joster International.

The product is sold as four to a set, which come in a hanging card. A clear plastic face shows off the designs. In the front of the card is a hole so customers can feel the product’s durability. Norness notes there are multiple ways retailers can showcase these coasters in their stores. One of Joster’s current retailers finds the best way to display the four piece set is with a glass in one, to illustrate its use. Some of the newer packages can be folded and cubed for stacking.

At $7 wholesale per set, a retailer can expect to make a little over keystone at $14.95 retail. “The designs are what are really unique about this product,” explains Norness. “While my wife, Rose, is the designer of all the original images, we are also looking to work with local artists.” The majority of the Coasterica Coasters display a design on the disc part of the coaster, with themes like Mosaic, Cosmo and Good Fortune selling well. “We’ve also come out with new Sunrise and Sunset lines featuring a floral pattern on the outside rim of the coaster,” adds Norness. “There will be more to come in July, some with an Italian style and a more formal theme, including coasters with gems.”

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