Designer Duct Tape

Platypus Designer Duct tapeRob Jordan, president and product designer of Fortis Design, Inc., founded the business in October 2000 with the intention of being a high-end promotional product design company. However, over the years it has morphed into a design and wholesale company, with cross target products geared to gift, décor and home improvement. Fortis Design creates functionally distinct products, which have been frequently showcased in Parade magazine, Real Simple, HGTV, E!, the New York Times and The Today Show. Among its highly recognized lineup is the award winning Platypus Designer Duct Tape.

The concept of Designer Duct Tape was born after Jordan’s discovery of camo duct tape in hunting stores, and a friend’s efforts in finding girl inspired duct tape patterns. “The realization that you could print on duct tape nearly bowled me over,” explains Jordan. “Now we currently offer 21 patterns of tape.” There were many design refinements in the creation of the tape, leading to current designs that are seamless in both directions, allowing coverage on large and small surfaces with uninterrupted pattern. “This is unique in the marketplace and allows incredible design flexibility,” emphasizes Jordan. “We use a gorgeous matte finish with beautiful intaglio plate-printing, and a dense fabric mesh that’s twice as strong as our competitors.”

Platypus Designer Duct Tape is perfect for repair, craft and décor. For retailers looking to carry the product, Fortis Design provides a free tabletop POP display that holds 24 assorted rolls. Each 32 foot long roll (1.88 inches wide) wholesales for $3, retailing at $6.50. “Most retailers start with two POPs,” says Jordan. “Our opening order is $125, with a minimum of $75 required for reorders. We also offer 10 percent discounts on same pattern master cartons, which contain 72 rolls of the same design.”

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