Gemma Bella Bracelets

Gemma Bella BraceletsSelling to thousands of retailers, both in the U.S. and internationally, Gemma Bella has placed itself in the middle of the ladies fashion industry. Owner Vicki Papachristos has established her brand by selling beautiful and affordable designer inspired fashion jewelry, handbags and embellished glitter caps and visors. Papachristos has to admit, however, that her top-selling line comes in the form of bracelets. While trend reports have highlighted the bracelet as a must have accessory in comparison with necklaces, earrings and more, Gemma Bella’s bracelets have attracted an audience for more than trend-setting purposes. “Our bracelets are unique in the fact that they can be worn individually or as a combination,” Papachristos says. “The different textures and styles worn as multiples creates a one-of-a-kind look.”

Many of Gemma Bella’s bracelets have been created using the technique of metal casting. Some include rhinestones and gems, but all are unique in their designs. While some are solid, others feature lines and familiar shapes like hearts. For instance, popular style AB4417-ASC is a bracelet shaped by interconnected hearts, and features metal casting work along with embedded rhinestones. Other hot styles include leather snap and wrap bracelets. “The leather bracelets have been selling well, and some feature rhinestones and micropave. Many of them snap around the wrist, while others wrap two or three times to make a statement piece,” explains Papachristos. Wholesaling on average for $7 to $8, retailers can expect to make keystone or more with Gemma Bella’s bracelet line, which retails around $16 to $28.

Available with a minimum of $100, each order can be mixed and matched. Products ship nationally by UPS, and Gemma Bella attends major tradeshows where customers can buy directly (Cash N Carry). Market stops include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas (ASD) and Dallas. “Orders go out the same day or next day,” says Papachristos. “Our friendly, professional staff is here to help. We have a high rate of returning customers, because of our service and our product is never stagnant.”

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