Incredible Sunvisor

Incredible SunvisorThe traditional sunvisor can eliminate squinting and furrowed brows, even on the sunniest days, but the Incredible Sunvisor can do the same without the headaches. With the use of a pressure free curly shoelace to adjust each visor, the Incredible Sunvisor can fit any size head from young to old. Made of EVA foam rubber, the product is lightweight and foldable for easy storage on the go. “I would call it the hottest sunvisor on the market,” says Bruce Palmer. “Since its manufactured start date in 1998, over five million Incredible Sunvisors have been sold.”

With hundreds of different patterns to choose from and the ability to add logos and branding, the Incredible Sunvisor has found a place in a broad range of retail stores across the U.S. “We have patterns that sell well in any type of store, in any region of the U.S.,” notes Palmer. No minimum order requirements and a 30 day money back guarantee also helps independent retailers with limited space or a tight budget.

With a wholesale price range of $1.45 to $1.85 a unit based on order volume, the Incredible Sunvisor is an affordable addition for any retailer. “Retailers can expect a huge profit margin. Most places sell our Incredible Sunvisor on average around $4 to $6 apiece,” explains Palmer. While the product is marketable all by itself, the use of a floor or counter display with associated signage helps with in-store marketing. “Our floor display holds 144 assorted visors, while our counter display holds 72,” says Palmer. “Customers will be amazed by how colorful and lightweight these visors are.”

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