TAT Spray Temp Tattoos

TAT Spray Temp TattoosWith the TAT Spray Temporary Tattoo product, tattooing is fun, easy and for mom’s sake, temporary. Starting as a high-end airbrush tattoo ink and reformulated to work as an aerosol, TAT Spray is a high-end temporary tattoo ink that consumers can apply themselves. “The product is high quality and easy to apply, fun and most importantly, safe,” says Daniel Mullins, co-owner of TAT Spray. “We have CPSIA certification, that is consumer protection for kids, and we are rated for three years and up.”

Before TAT Spray, there were two options for temporary tattoos: transfer and airbrush tattoos. “Transfer tattoos are fast and targeted for the younger crowd. These products are fine for what they are,” explains Mullins. “They are cheap and available everywhere. However, they look like stickers and not tattoos.” High quality airbrush tattoos are best if applied by an experienced artist, which usually demands a higher price. TAT Spray combines the best of both, and offers a better solution. “We are inexpensive. Our ink started as airbrush ink, so the tattoo you get will last two to five days,” adds Mullins.

TAT Spray kits include one can of spray and five stencils. Retailers can purchase the kits for $6 wholesale, and resell them for $11.99 retail. “Since one can of spray will give up to 20 tattoos and there are only five stencils in the pack, there is an opportunity for extra sales on stencils,” says Mullins. “We offer stencils as a 10 pack for $10, giving retailers a $10 profit when they resell for $20.” Mullins also mentions that about 30 percent of the company’s customers are buying the TAT Spray ink in bulk cans, along with stencils, and are selling individual tattoos instead of take home retail packs. “Individual tattoos can sell anywhere from $5 and up, with an actual cost of under $0.80 per tattoo,” he explains, “making it very profitable.”

The minimum order is one case, and the average opening order per store is around $250. “Anyone who mentions this article will be offered free freight,” adds Mullins. “We have worked three tradeshows this year, and each has been better for TAT Spray than the last. We are thankful for our dealers, and we look forward to servicing them for years to come.”

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