The Pet Head

Pet HeadThe Pet Head, a throwback novelty item from the early ‘90s, has returned to the retail market in full force. The desktop companion provides a little laughter and distraction from the taxing and nerve-wracking moments of the day. This Made in America product, with its rubber skin and trade secret non-toxic filling, was relaunched at the National Stationery Show in 2011. “All we did was update our packaging, but kept the same great and familiar stress relieving product,” explains Chris Lindsey, inventor of The Pet Head and president of Bases Loaded, LLC.

Standard stress balls are made of foam, which pop back into shape after being squeezed. The Pet Head is more tactile, like a piece of clay, keeping any shape the user decides to mold. Sporting eyes and a nose, The Pet Head can be made into hundreds of hysterical faces, making it great for ages five to 105. “Our product has done well in a number of independent retail stores, including office supply and hospital gift shops,” says Lindsey. Packaged in a stable and rigid neon yellow and orange box, The Pet Head can be stacked near any counter and grab attention. “It is a great impulse buy,” adds Lindsey. “All retailers have to do is stack the boxes and leave one Pet Head out for customers to sample.”

Wholesaling for $7, retailers can expect to make at least keystone at $13.99 retail. “I’ve seen some retailers mark it as high as $15.99,” says Lindsey. And while the company does offer quantity discounts for large orders, it isn’t hard for small retailers to get started with a minimum order of one case. Containing 12 Pet Heads, the case wholesales for $84. “We also ship FOB out of Massachusetts,” adds Lindsey.

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