The Snail Towel Holder

Snail Towel HolderBlame it on gravity, your cat or perhaps rushed placement, but no matter the cause, people continue to pick their hand towels up off the floor, or out of the sink. The Snail, with its patented design, good looks, and durable stainless steel construction, is revolutionizing the way people hang towels. “Your towels will never fall down again,” says sales manager, All Cromer. “Its unique snail shaped design doesn’t allow that to happen, guaranteed. Goodbye dirty towels, goodbye irritation.” The Snail can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, RV and boat, anywhere towels are hung. Wholesaling for under $10, with a retail value of at least keystone, retailers will profit from aggravated towel hangers and their friends and family who witness the product first hand.

The Snail is easy to install. Simply peel the adhesive on the back of The Snail and stick where needed, then reinforce with screws. Slide a towel up into The Snail, and release it by pulling down. The automatic spring grip holds towels securely, up to 10 pounds. Made from stainless steel, it will not rust or lose its shape. And although The Snail will last a lifetime, retailers can be sure there will be return customers looking to put one in every room of their house.

According to Cromer, any home improvement store or retailers selling kitchen and bathroom accessories are the right market for this product. “We are also looking for wholesalers interested in reselling The Snail,” says Cromer. A one case minimum is required. “One case containes 14 packages, and each package holds two snails,” notes Cromer.

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