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EPP AirplaneElectronic goods, once considered exclusive adult products, are now trickling down to the younger generation. As merchandise like iPods, cell phones, digital video recorders and even RC helicopters hit the mainstream market, there is a blurred line between children’s toys and grown-up gadgets. By raising the level of hi-tech development and simplifying manual instructions, toy and electronic manufacturers have leveled the playing field in which both children and adults can interact with the same alluring and sophisticated playthings. Recognizing a trend it couldn’t pass up, Bargain Crusader decided to expand its product line into the realm of RC toys. “We made a trip in October to find the newest and best quality RC helicopters available,” says sales manager, Randy Coppernoll. “To our surprise we also added RC airplanes. They are a great idea and priced right.”

Bargain Crusader, well-known for its Airsoft products, including Airsoft pellet guns and accessories, has made it a point to expand its tactical gear and scopes, but also explore the market in toys and novelties. “Our mission has been to supply great selling goods at the best pricing, so our retailers can make money,” notes Coppernoll. “In general, we look for goods our retail customers can make at least a 100 percent profit on, with a quick turnover so as to keep their shelves fresh and full of new merchandise.”

Bargain Crusader boasts that many of its RC items have not been seen in the U.S. before, like the Airwanders, RC Helicopters with a motion detection wand controller. Averaging $22 wholesale, “These helicopters are a new novel idea,” says Coppernoll. “Change the controller to look like a light saber and make it easier to control.” Motion sensors make the helicopter react to the tilting of the wand forward and backwards. Twist left and right and the helicopter will spin in the desired direction. The thumb power control and the motion sensors make this a great new idea for controlling gyro helicopters. Each Airwander comes fully assembled and ready to fly, batteries included. Other features include adjustable trim control, three channel control functions, and two band frequencies, and the unit comes programmed with a demo flight pattern. The seven by four inch helicopter can be charged for a full six to eight minute flight time.

Other unique additions for Bargain Crusader are RC airplanes, featuring classic twin tale designs, and modern day jet planes. “Another item that has been good for us are the hand crank slot cars, which require no electricity,” notes Coppernoll. All car movements are created by the user cranking a hand controller; the faster the user cranks, the faster it goes. No more overly sensitive controllers from the past, these new controller concepts make the slot cars more player interactive. Tracks snap together quickly, so users can take them anywhere.

Already offering the advantage of a minimum order of $125, Bargain Crusader offers other benefits like volume discounts, available when logging onto the company website. “We also have a new customer special of 7.5 percent off if the ad in Independent Retailer magazine is mentioned,” says Coppernoll, “or, enter at checkout the word, ‘supersaveme.’”

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