WOW Jewelry Hanger

WOW HangerTreasured jewelry pieces can easily be forgotten in the tangled mess that is often found in the drawers and jewelry boxes used to store these accessories. Laurie Clayton, president of Wise Old Women Designs, implores, “Don’t go out and buy replacements, organize what is already yours with the WOW Hanger.” Tired of her own tangled necklaces, Clayton came up with the WOW Hanger concept two years ago, and hasn’t looked back. Manufactured in the U.S., and providing economic stability to many local artisans and manufacturers, the WOW Hanger has kept everybody busy, with a recurring order for QVC and interest from a broad range of retailers.

Whether it’s earrings, bracelets or necklaces that need organizing, the WOW hanger has a solution. Each Necklace Holder can store and display 24 necklaces on the open posts available. “Our Patent Pending ‘open post’ feature makes it super easy to place items on and off the hanger,” notes Clayton. The individual Earring Holder organizes and displays 60 or more pairs of earrings on a mesh screen. The Vertical hangers are perfect for your entire closet, holding bracelets, ties, belts, hats, scarves and more. “Traditional jewelry boxes simply aren’t user friendly. You can never see all of your jewelry at once; necklaces and bracelets become tangled and broken, and earrings become lost and separated,” says Clayton. “WOW Hangers are a tremendous space saver. They store, organize, and display all of your jewelry and other accessories right in your closet, taking up almost no extra space. They can also easily be hung on a wall or towel rack.” This feature makes WOW Hangers perfect for use in RVs, condos, vacation homes, for travel, or anywhere else where space is a concern.

Retailers can purchase the individual hanger lines or invest in a pre-packaged set. Both necklace and earring holders are sold by the dozen, and offer at least 100 percent markup. “A 12 pack of necklace holders wholesales for $76.20, or $6.35 a unit. The earring holder is similarly offered at $82.20 wholesale, or $6.85 apiece,” explains Clayton. The purchase of an entire set offers retailers a better discounted price. “One set containing one earring holder, one necklace holder and two vertical hangers has a wholesale price of $13.40,” she adds. “The sets are easily retailed for $30 apiece.” The company’s required minimum order is $300.

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