Adjustable Toilet Seat

The Adjustable Advantage Toilet Seat is a design solution for daily health related seating challenges, including: bariatrics, limited mobility, IBS, pregnancy, sciatic nerve and female ISC. This easy access toilet seat was created and patented by a 75 year old, 285 pound man, based on his own personal needs. Having a long list of ailments that include diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and shortness of breath, he thought, there has got to be a better way to stay clean without so much effort. With an inquisitive mind and an engineering background, he spent several years experimenting with different ideas. With the help of Steve Klingensmith, president of Adjustable Advantage, this toilet seat is now available to the retail market.

Holding up to 1,000 pounds, each toilet seat is a solid five pounds, with eight contact points for better support and comfort. “The standard toilet has four contact points, two front bumpers and the back mounting brackets. The Adjustable Advantage has six bumpers in addition to the back mounting brackets,” explains Klingensmith, “Therefore, our toilet has 12 square inches of support area. The average toilet seat has three.” The hinges have been carefully designed for smooth action and no pinch points. Watertight hinges are angled down into the bowl, to aid with cleaning fluid drainage. “The stainless steel hinge disc plates are two inches wide and fully integrated over four inches into the seat base, and over four inches into the seat arms. With the addition of stainless steel ball bearings for smooth hinge action, that have been tested over 100,000 cycles,” adds Klingensmith. The elongated seat arms fit both round and elongated toilet bowls, and each seat can swivel individually or together.

According to Klingensmith, there are nearly 400 million toilets in the U.S. and on average, every eight years a seat is replaced. “That’s about 50 million replacement toilet seats sold annually,” he says. And with a number of purchasing options, retailers can carry the Adjustable Advantage to meet those needs. The company’s drop ship program allows for wholesale pricing, between $70 and $80 per unit. “If a retailer purchases one case pack containing eight units they’ll receive a 45 percent discount, and a 50 percent discount if they purchase two or more case packs,” adds Klingensmith. “We also have a dealer sample program, where the dealer can order one seat for 50 percent off to test in-store.” While MSRP ranges store to store, Klingensmith suggests an MSRP of $129.

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