DFX Sports Pro Gyro

DFX Sports Pro GyroFor over 30 years, Dynaflex International has been designing, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of unique, ergonomic, total body fitness products. “Our first product was the patented Dynabee Gyro Exerciser, which positioned us as an innovator in specialty fitness products among amateur and professional athletes,” says sales representative, David Saldana. The original idea behind Dynaflex’s gyro was to strengthen grip, wrist and arms, as well as increase coordination and conditioning for most sports. “Our gyros range from 30 pounds of torque with 13,000 RPMs, all the way up to our line of extreme gyros that can deliver up to 60 pounds of torque, with 21,000 RPMs,” explains Saldana. “They’re about the size of a tennis ball and they’re fun to use.”

Through further research, it was discovered that Dynaflex’s gyros also played a major role in pain relief and rehabilitation of many hand, wrist, arm and shoulder injuries, increasing blood flow, circulation and vascularity. “As the engineering and design of our products progressed, we added certain features, components and accessories to the product line,” says Saldana. For instance, the DFX Sports Pro comes with a power cord, docking station and training CD. These added features allow users to choose from multiple starting methods, and view examples of some of the exercises they can do with the gyro. The DFX Sports Pro docking station has a built-in power starter that spins the gyro up to speed, making it much quicker and easier to activate. “Activating the gyro has become easier for individuals suffering from more severe conditions and injuries,” adds Saldana. “Many are okay with using the power cord, which is similar to winding up a yo-yo, but some prefer the docking station.”

The Sports Pro with docking station wholesales for $19.95, and sells for $39.95 retail. “We like to keep most of our profit margins around 50 percent, but also offer different tiers of wholesale pricing, depending on the volume of the order,” says Saldana. All gyro models and levels of resistance come in a case of 24. The acrylic counter display, with demo units and power starters, can also be made available to interested retailers. “This allows customers to experience the gyro for themselves and feel the power instantly,” explains Saldana. “This helps drive sales, as this is definitely a hands-on, must feel product.”

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