Handwash Reminder

Among parents’ many responsibilities is teaching their children good hygiene. Daniel and Susan Pratts (handwashing addicts themselves) knew this, and constantly reminded their children to wash their hands. “At the risk of sounding like a broken record, or forgetting to remind our children, my wife and I thought it would be easier to just have a recording to enforce handwashing,” explains Daniel Pratts. And after years of research and development, the Pratts have made the Handwash Reminder, a functional and easy to use product. “Now, there are no excuses to walk out of a bathroom without washing, hearing a friendly reminder that says, ‘Please, don’t forget to wash your hands,’”?Pratts adds.

The Handwash Reminder is constructed of durable lightweight plastic and a custom designed motion sensor that works in dim lighting, perfect for any bathroom setting. Pratts Creative Ideas has taken the time to ensure all materials used are safe for children and environmentally friendly. “We are proud of our accomplishment; earning an International Silver Medal & Award of Excellence, being on The Tonight Show with?Jay Leno, featured in both Inventor’s Digest Magazine and Kitchen & Bath Business Online, and seen on numerous websites for sanitation,” says Pratts. “We have only scratched the surface of businesses, schools, resorts, cruise ships and more who are interested in our product.” The wholesale cost is $20, and markup is more than keystone at $49.99.

Handwash Reminder comes complete with batteries, a mounting bracket and screws. “All the customer needs to do is take it out of the package, install with two screws, and adjust the volume,” explains Pratts. As a person passes the motion sensor, a prerecorded voice says, “Please, don’t forget to wash your hands,” after 30 seconds the device is ready for the next individual. This will enforce handwashing better than signs, and result in less viruses and diseases being transferred by hand contact, including H1N1, Norovirus, the common cold, Influenza, and Whooping Cough.

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