BookWedgeInspired by the WondaWedge, an inflatable pillow for comfort on the go, the BookWedge is a new product for those avid book readers who want to read by the poolside or in bed with a little more ease. Most reading cushions are filled with beans, beads or stuffing, or made of hard plastic, but the BookWedge blows up like a balloon, weighing only 3.5 ounces and folding flat when deflated. The attached bumper holds material in place, including hard and soft cover books, along with e-readers and iPads.

Ergonomically designed, the BookWedge reduces strain on the arms and neck by providing support at just the right angle. “The BookWedge has been more than a useful tool for people who like to read. It has helped out those who are disabled, elderly, suffering from arthritis and more,” explains John Schulte, marketing consultant for BookWedge. “And if you are a bookstore or perhaps an online bookseller, the BookWedge is for you. Customizable for promotional purposes, a logo or website can be added to the product’s design. There is a 100 unit minimum for custom printing.”

The BookWedge also costs less than other book holders, wholesaling for $8 a unit for small orders of 250 or less. “The price goes down the larger the order,” notes Schulte. Retailers can easily make more than keystone at $17.99 retail. “It is suggested that retailers don’t mark the product any lower than $14.99,” Schulte adds. With a minimum order of 25 units, or one box, any size retailer can make the BookWedge available in their store, either hanging on a peg hook or blowing it up and demonstrating its use.

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