Sneaker Kandy

Sneaker KandyOnly six months in the making, and Braun and Stash Barski’s Sneaker Kandy is already receiving great feedback. With stellar reviews from the New York Toy Show, New York International Gift Show and Las Vegas Toy Show, Sneaker Kandy is ready for retail stores nationwide. Not only a collector’s item, Sneaker Kandy is a fashion accessory fit for any shoelace and person making a statement. “Kids and adults can mix and wear their Sneaker Kandy to match their personality and their clothes,” says Braun Barski, co-owner. For a low price of $3.99, customers will be buying the eight piece packs to add to their shoes, or trade with friends, and for a wholesale cost of $1.99, retailers will profit from hundreds of designs and styles.

Made of plastic and oval in shape, Sneaker Kandy can be used with any shoe that ties with laces. “The product is durable and will probably last longer than most sneakers,” adds Barski. There are four designs in a series, and two sets of a particular series in an eight piece pack. “We have a lot of popular design series, some of the top being our Ninja, Froggie, Camoflauge and Soccer series,” says Barski. “We love when kids take pictures of their favorite designs of Sneaker Kandy on their shoes, so we can post them up on Facebook.”

To market the collectible craze, retailers can purchase a small rack for $15, which showcases 72 additionally purchased Sneaker Kandy eight piece packs. The rack is set up as three tiers and showcases a sneaker on top to help demonstrate the product. “It’s eye catching and adds to the impulse buy factor,” explains Barski. While there are hundreds of designs to choose from, there are more to come, including some licensed Sneaker Kandy.

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