3 Channel Chopper

Channel ChopperEmirimage Corporation is dedicated to offering the highest quality, most innovative radio controlled products in the industry, notes Eduardo Perl, president. To achieve this goal, the company continually introduces new products, including its most recent release, the Micro X Copter Volitation with Gyro.

The Micro X Copter Volitation with Gyro (item No. TOU3352) operates at two speeds, and is an infrared three channel helicopter. “The three channel feature allows you to fly three helicopters at the same time, without interference,” Perl explains. This indoor craft, available in blue and red, also has an automatic demo feature. “It’s like having a car that drives itself,” Perl reports. “You simply press the auto demo button and the helicopter will fly forward and backward.” Recommended for ages 14 and up, the Micro X Copter Volitation with Gyro is great for beginners, as well as for advanced operators. This smaller version of the RC Micro X Copter line is nine inches long, and made with high impact plastic materials and an alloy body.

In addition to its line of radio controlled helicopters, Emirimage offers a wide variety of products, including radio controlled cars, boats, and hovercrafts; water toys; TV games; electronics, such as the Educational Laptop, and kitchenware such as the Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask. Best sellers include products with video cameras, and those that can be played on smartphones and tablets. Emirimage designs its own packaging and obtains trademarks for its products. The company is in the process of receiving licenses for upcoming new products it will launch in time for the holiday season.

The suggested retail price for the Micro X Copter Volitation with Gyro is $59 to $69. Wholesale prices for the entire product line range from $8 to $150, and Perl says many of his customers obtain as much as a 300 percent markup. The minimum quantity order is one box of 24 pieces.

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