Retailers Stock Up for Birthday Bang

New England FireworksIt’s that time of year when some independent retailers are  gearing up for the celebration of our nation’s birthday, Independence Day, and replenishing their fireworks displays with both old favorites and new introductions. New England Fireworks, a Connecticut based company launched in 2000, sells fireworks all year long, but its busiest season is typically the month of June. The company sells an extensive product line, from sizzling sparklers to booming fireworks, and is announcing the return of Silver Dragon, California Candles and Crackling Balls, all best sellers every year. The company’s 200 and 500 Gram Cakes are also very popular items. “Retailers can expect about a 300 percent markup, so if they buy a product for $3 they can sell it for $9,” co-owner Brad Blackman points out.

New England Fireworks caters to smaller businesses, according to, Brad Blackman. “We offer package programs so buyers don’t have to purchase a full case of any particular item, and they can get a lot of breadth to their lines. No one else in this business does that,” he says. Prices vary, with a minimum order of $600. “We allow people to buy smaller amounts of fireworks at deeply discounted prices,” Blackman points out. New England Fireworks ships to all U.S. states except those where fireworks are illegal. States that ban all consumer fireworks include Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York.

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