Fathom It Distributing Shark Packs

Shark PacksA weekend getaway to the beach turned into a nightmare, when a backpack containing a passport, cash, IDs and debit card was stolen during a quick dip in the water. Drew Nugent, manager of Fathom It Distributing, was left stranded and forced to rely on the generous support of hotel staff, family, and the very expensive issuance of an emergency passport. “This horrible experience led me on a quest to design a product that will enable users to take those valuables with them into the water, and never have to leave them unattended or hiding under a beach towel,” explains Nugent. The original was more or less a fanny pack, but was soon revamped to be a slimmer, sexier pack that was functional and looked great on a bathing suit or bikini. “Shortly after, the name Shark Pack was born,” adds Nugent.

The result was Fathom It Distributing’s current line of waterproof aqua wallets. Constructed of a durable .42 soft matte PVC, they are comfortable, lightweight and absolutely priceless when it comes to peace of mind. Customers will be pleasantly surprised to find that their peace of mind only costs $19.95 MSRP, and retailers can purchase Shark Pack for $9.50 each wholesale. “We have a special in which retailers can purchase 36 packs: 18 black and 18 in white,” adds Nugent.

These waterproof cases are essential to any trip or water related activity. They protect valuables and electronics from water, sand, snow, rain and impact. They are also designed not to puncture or tear, and best of all, they float. “Cell phone users can talk and listen through the clear case with good volume and clarity,” notes Nugent. “The soft material also makes it very easy to access and use touch screens and keypads.” The Great White is the line’s best seller and fits all smart phones.

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