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Tape AllThe Line: Tape All is a distributor of U.S. made contractor grade tape seconds. Tape seconds, while similar to closeouts and liquidations, are ongoing and unlimited. Unique qualities such as shortened rolls and discoloration categorize the product as a second, as they do not meet the brand name’s standard but have no effect on the product’s use or application. Tape All carries seconds in common household adhesive tape products, such as Masking, Painter’s, and Duct tapes, as well as Packaging, Aluminum Foil, Glass Filament and Flatback Paper tapes.

Literature: The company website has been positioned as a catalog and business card, supplying a brief product overview and contact information, which must be followed up on with a direct call. The company also offers a newsletter for buyers who want to be informed about special discounts, current stock availability and pricing news.

Minimum Order/Pricing: Tape All offers all of its adhesive tape products at deep price reductions, especially being seconds, with the purchase of a one pallet minimum. Retailers, depending on their market, can sell each item for keystone or more. Each pallet may contain between 50 to 100 cases depending on the type of tape product. Pallets are allowed to be a mix and match of product.

Special Features: Tape All doesn’t deal in seconds of traditional adhesive tape products, but also carries tapes of different colors and sizes.

Management Says: “Seconds are a natural part of the manufacturing process. We buy these seconds, debrand them and repackage. Retailers can now profit from the growing trend in colored adhesive tape products and gain a significant return on investment.” –Jay Hall, general manager.

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