PayPal Taps ShopKeep POS for In-Store Payments

shopkeep POSIndependent retailers everywhere are looking for ways to improve the shopping experience, extend loyalty programs and better engage with their customers. Now customers can check in with PayPal and check out at the register at nearly 2,000 merchants with the iPad POS solution from ShopKeep POS. With the launch of the PayPal partnership, nearly 2,000 merchants nationwide who use ShopKeep POS as their POS system can now accept PayPal cardless payments at the flat rate of 2.7 percent. ShopKeep’s cloud-based solution enables small businesses to add PayPal as a payment option into their existing point of sale systems without upgrading hardware.

Because of the cardless nature of the payments, it enables lines to move faster and because it is wireless, it has the ability to drive further traffic and sales to merchants and consumers. The PayPal customer simply checks in at participating merchants with his or her PayPal iPhone app and, at checkout, the customer’s name and photo appears on the ShopKeep POS iPad register. The cashier identifies the customer, finalizes the transaction, and the customer is automatically checked out of the store and receives a receipt by email. This point of sale solution enables brick and mortar retailers to efficiently ring up sales, manage inventory, build customer loyalty programs and remotely access real time sales.