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Flashing Panda LED Products new barwareFlashing Panda was founded in 2002, and is expanding its wholesale line of LED light-up novelty and utility products. “We have an extensive line of light-up barware which includes shot, whiskey, cola and beer glasses,” says Daniel Odulo, owner. “We recently expanded this line to include hurricane and highball glasses, and our cola glasses are available in two new sizes, five and 24 ounce. Our barware is a clear acrylic with multicolored lights, and it’s great for house parties and special events at bars and clubs. We’ll be adding even more items to this line soon.”

Flashing Panda has also added new rings to its product offerings, Odulo notes. “We have three different light-up jelly rings, porcupine, berry and spike.” These soft, squishy rings are translucent and available in different colors, and they include non-replaceable batteries. The wholesale price is around $.50 each, and suggested retail ranges from $2.45 to $7 each. “The lights are bright and flashy, so they are great as party favors and giveaways at club events,” Odulo points out.

In addition, the company recently expanded its line of sunglasses. “We have three different styles, full frame, shutter and aviator. The full frame and shutter styles are available in multicolor, red, green and blue,” Odulo says. Aviator is only available in multicolor. The wholesale price for a case of 144 sunglasses is about $2.40 for each piece, and the suggested retail price ranges from $5.95 to $10. “Customers can expect even more product introductions later this year,” Odulo adds. “Our popular raver gloves selection will include new models at great prices, and customers can expect great customer service.”


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