Icy Shots, Tee Tops & Sharks

Shark beverage holderImEx Global Trading, based in San Diego, focuses on developing and creating novelty gift items and distributing them to retail partners across the country. Justin Hart and Bryan Campbell, co-owners, launched the company in 2010 with the introduction of Icy Shots, shot glasses made of ice. Available in blue, green, red and pink, Icy Shots are bendable molds that, when filled with water and frozen, pop out little shot glasses. “A lot of people haven’t seen them before and they are curious about what they do,” says Hart. “They are a fun drinking item that typically lasts for two to three drinks before they need to be refrozen, and they don’t require any clean up.” They are popular wherever shot glasses are sold, Hart points out.

One thing retailers like, he adds, is the free clip strip display. “We adapted the product’s packaging so it doesn’t have to take up any shelf space. The clip strip has a hang tab and allows retailers to hang the items from the clips.” Wholesale pricing for Icy Shots is $2.50 to $2.75 per unit, depending on quantity, and suggested retail is $6.99. Minimum order is 36 pieces.

Another drinking accessory ImEx Global Trading is introducing this summer is the Shark Can Koozie, the only foam, shark shaped can koozie in existence, according to Hart. “You can put any standard size can in the mouth of the shark, and it’s made of polyurethane foam so it insulates the drink. We do namedropping on the shark’s belly, so we sell to a lot of retailers at vacation destinations.” Wholesale pricing for Shark Can Koozie, which comes in an eye-catching display box, is $2.85 a unit including printing, and suggested retail is $6.99.

Tee Tops, golf tees hand painted with politicians’ faces, are another summer introduction. The four pack includes images of Hillary Clinton, Michael Moore, President Obama and Sarah Palin. “We wanted to use faces that were easily recognizable and polarizing,” Hart explains. “The challenge was getting accurate face details, so we had them hand painted.” ImEx Global Trading has a patent pending on the line of durable, reusable Tee Tops, and plans to introduce new faces in the future. The wholesale price is $5.99 for a box of four, and suggested retail is $14.99.


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