Saddle Tramp Embroidered Patches

Saddle Tramp embroidered eagle patchSaddle Tramp is in its 30th year of designing, manufacturing and distributing embroidered patches, first as a retail business and then as a wholesaler. Owner, Arla Morris says, “Before we started in the embroidered patches business, my husband and I had a retail gift shop. We started going to local flea markets in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York, and gradually our line developed into what it is today. Patriotic patches are a huge trend right now,” Morris points out, “and we have 12 or 15 different styles of the American flag. One of our popular $14 patches, an American eagle with a banner across the top, is 11 by 13 inches, and 85 percent of it is embroidered. Military is another popular theme because there are always different military events happening across the nation.”

Saddle Tramp also does a lot of custom work. “We recently designed a patch for a national motorcycle club for police officers who ride outside of the job,” Morris says. “We also make a lot of name tabs for individuals in small businesses. Custom patches start at $4 and can run up to a couple hundred dollars. Not too long ago, we designed a large, hand cut, very detailed patch, and, the price for that was $280. When something has to be hand cut, you’re looking at a higher price.”

Prices start as low as $1, and retail pricing can be three, four and even five times the wholesale price. “One vendor might sell a $1 patch for $3, and the next vendor might not only sell the patch but also sew it on and ask $10,” Morris explains. Margins depend on both the patch and retail venue. Saddle Tramp receives orders, both catalog and custom, ranging from small quantities to thousands of patches, both in the U.S. and internationally, from many different types of organizations.


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