Slap-on Watches

Slap-on watchesSlap-On Gear slap watches are available in 13 colors, and have watch faces that can be popped out and into different color watchbands, to color coordinate with clothing or company branding. The waterproof watchband is a concave metal band in a silicone housing, and the watch piece is quartz movement, according to David Nielsen, owner. “Just over a year ago, I identified the slap watch as a hot product,” Nielsen explains. “It’s similar to the slap bracelet, a popular fad in the 1990s. I set up a website, registered the business name and bought 500 pieces. They sold very quickly, so I bought more and began selling them through several daily deal websites. We sold 6,000 or 7,000 in the first two days. Inventory is still flying off the shelves.”

Slap-On Gear is an ideal product for organizations that want to customize a gift with their name or logo, Nielsen points out. “We have customized several orders of 10,000 or more for different organizations such as the Ontario Volley Ball Association in Canada. We’ve also had close to 200 organizations order custom printing on our slap watches.”

Wholesale prices range from $3 to $4, based on quantity, and suggested retail ranges from $15 to $25. Resorts and cruise destinations tend to charge more, Nielsen says, and mom and pop shops tend to sell for less. Nielsen, who recently graduated from college with a degree in Business Administration, says he is presently on the hunt for the next big trend. “I don’t know when sales of slap watches are going to slow down, so I’m brainstorming different things you can slap on your wrist. There are a lot of opportunities out there.”

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