Small Stores Pin Big

image of pinterest salesBizrate Image Sharing and Shopping Series released a study this week revealing that nearly 25 percent of online shoppers attribute making an online purchase to having discovered the item on Pinterest. Small stores and independent boutiques hold top ranks in the percentage of customers who purchase on a Pinterest whim. Bizrate’s study also outlines the top 10 categories browsed as they compare to the top categories purchased from the social media site.

“Our research among online buyers shows that image sharing sites have inspired purchases, a trend that will likely grow as more categories, images, brands and retailers become available on sites such as Pinterest,” says Hayley Silver, Vice President of Bizrate Insights, in a recent press release. “Smaller retailers appear to be leading the charge on sites such as Pinterest, as exemplified by their ability to ignite a passionate base of supporters to gain sales through grassroots efforts. Therefore it is not surprising that today these retailers are in the spotlight. It will be interesting to see how the dynamic changes as larger retail brands begin to emulate or improve upon customer engagement in [this] new medium.”

Home & Garden Draws Eyes, Clothes & Apparel Spur Buys

The most popular category browed on Pinterest is Home and Garden, followed by apparel in second place, art, supplies and hobbies in third and flowers, food, drinks and gifts in fourth. The foremost purchased category is apparel, followed by accessories in second, art and supplies in third and home and garden in fourth. Following the online arts and crafts store, brand stores, small boutiques and retailers are at the head of the Pinterest purchasing surge. Among purchasing customers, 42 percent of Pinterest visitors go to the site once a week or more. Further details of the study are available on the Bizrate website, as well as the first in the series of studies of consumer pulses on social image sharing and online shopping.