Budpak for People & Pets

Budpak imageBudpak Inc. doesn’t hesitate to put a little hard work into perfecting its health and beauty products. Since 1994, the company has put forth every effort to be sure that the texture and consistency of its creams and ointments heal all of its customers’ ills. Budpak, operated by Steven Singer, president, and his son, Gregg Singer, VP, recently added two personal care products to Budpak’s inventory, including a generic competitor to KY personal lubricant and a feminine anti-itch remedy similar to Vagisil. These additions expand the Budpak line to invite more women to try generic products. Budpak generic alternatives can be sold with confidence, says the younger Singer, because the public trusts them to be as reliable as more expensive brands.

Moving in a completely different direction, Budpak is launching a line of products aimed not towards humans, but rather their pets. Budpak grooming gear and pet shampoo is due for release by the end of the summer. Gregg Singer, confident that this venture into a new market will create popular products and drive sales, says he views the pet industry as the latest “promised land” of markets, and knows the new line is going to fly. “Tapping that market is going to be huge,” he says.

Budpak sells to distributors and gives wholesale prices upon request. Retail prices for the company’s new products range from $1 to $5, depending on whether the retailer is a convenience or discount store. The minimum order for distributors is 120 to 150 cases, with each case containing 24 mixable pieces. Once a distributor meets the minimum order, Budpak picks up the shipping costs. “We’re on the verge of some great changes in the coming months,” Singer adds. “This is an extremely exciting time for us, our business, our distributors and our customers.”

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