Safety Tech for Self-Defense

image of safety technologySafety Technology wholesales a wide variety of self-defense products and surveillance equipment from leading industry names such as MACE, TASER and Stun Master. Vietnam War veteran, Mike Gravette, president, started the company in 1986, storing and selling stun guns from the spare bedroom of his home. Security cameras and other defense products came later, and soon Gravette was the very prepared president of Safety Technology. For Gravette, his business is all about helping people help themselves. “The police can only get involved after the damage has been done,” explains Gravette. “You and I are the first real line of defense. We can educate and equip people to protect themselves, their loved ones and their homes. People need to know where they can find these products, which is where you and I come in and do good.” With a successful company history, Safety Technology has earned and upheld the highest possible grades from the Better Business Bureau.

Vendors can choose from seven different wholesale startup packages and price points, with no minimum order or fees. The Toe ‘n the Water package wholesales for $95.92, with a suggested retail price of $239, while the highest level package wholesales for $673.92 and retails for $1899.79. These lots include everything from stream and fog pepper sprays to high voltage stun guns. “A lot of our products are impulse items that people buy when we explain what they do,” Gravette says; “Like the Stun Master Emergency Flashlight to keep in the truck or car. Profit on this item is $37, and most families need two. Small trucking companies might buy 20. Even a complete, simple home security system that sells for $149.95 brings in a profit of $50.”

One of the most convenient facets of dealing with Safety Technology is its drop shipment program. In order to avoid toting around defense equipment, some of which can be quite sensitive, the company will drop ship an order to make sure that customers’ needs are met and vendors are paid quickly. The company offers incentives for its top distributors, rewarding leaders with merchandise credits of $100 to $500 and listing their names on the Safety Technology website. In addition, Gravette gives special consideration to potential vendors who have limited prior business experience. For them, the Safety Technology website also offers a sellers’ guidebook, a keyword tutorial for those seeking to sell merchandise online, as well as website construction assistance.


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