Wild Bill’s Posters, Politics & More

Bill “Wild Bill” Ziegler has a taste for the unusual. His eclectic store in Middletown, CT built its reputation on zany paraphernalia, including Grateful Dead nonalcoholic wine, overgrown bobble head figurines, and a towering sculpture of a man made from bear traps. Ziegler is especially passionate about posters. “I specialize in posters and nostalgia and sepia prints,” he says. “The posters are a huge part of my business.” Ziegler caters to nearly every band to strum through the 1960s, and always has a new design to launch.

Keeping up with the political news, Ziegler has the perfect plan for his latest batch of wall art. “We’re working on a series of political posters for the upcoming election,” Ziegler reveals. “We just did one of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney for this fall. I’ve been doing political and satirical posters for 20 years, and I know this will sell.” At this summer’s ASD show in Las Vegas, Ziegler plans to have a fresh lineup of political posters on hand. Also at the show, Wild Bill’s will display wacky whatnots, rock ‘n’ roll buttons, postcards, magnets and a whole line of nostalgia products.

Pricing is based on quantity, and posters wholesale for $5 each for 10 pieces, $2.75 for 100 pieces, and $2.25 each for 1,000 pieces. There is no minimum order, and a single order can contain 100 different poster designs and still get a discount, Ziegler says. He finds that most retailers order in multiples of 100. Suggested retail is from $5 to $10, and retailers receive a complimentary POP display.


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