ASDLV Session: Get Social and Get Your Products Found

Image ASDLV Social Media SessionAt the ASDLV show, there is an audible buzz among show attendees about getting their products found online. What has everyone so excited is social media. While Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube aren’t exactly newcomers to the digital world, there are still a number of small businesses, vendors and retailers who don’t tap into these resources with clear intent. Whether this is due to a lack of time or experience, keeping up with social media has been a hassle for some, but for those who attended ASD’s “Comparison Search Engines 101: Getting Your Products Found Online,” social media was offered as a formidable tool.

So what exactly can retailers do to be more social? What’s the bare minimum social media plan? Show attendees found the answers to be simple and straightforward. Register with a group of social media sites for free, and add images and descriptions to make these pages more personal. The more closely a page resembles the business as a whole, the easier it is for shoppers to associate the social media site with the store.

“I found out I basically have to put my store identity out there,” one attendee comments. By choosing a few products to highlight through tweets or Facebook posts, those products become more visible both to search engines and potential customers. It’s an easy way for retailers to boost business, and with one product-related post every other day, having a social media presence requires minimal effort. Coordinate all social media pages to relay the same message and new customers will find you in no time.