2013 Business Excellence Awards Honor the Best Small Businesses

Image 2013 Business Excellence AwardThe 2013 Business Excellence Awards announced its call for entries today, seeking to honor the “Best of the Best” in results for small-and-medium sized businesses in 2012.

Created to recognize the “Best of the Best” in the small-and-medium sized business (SME) sector, the 2013 Business Excellence Awards honors the achievements and accomplishments of owners in industries from all over the world.

The Best Retailer Award will recognize businesses for outstanding results in any retail category. Any company that does retail business is eligible for this award, provided their results were outstanding and measurable.

Entry kits for every category in The 2013 Business Excellence Awards may be requested at


For more information about attending the Business Excellence Forum or for entry information for the 2013 Business Excellence Awards, visit http://www.actioncoach.com/businessforum2013.

The entry deadline is December 3, 2012

All of the 2013 Business Excellence Forums and Awards will feature two information filled days of high profile speakers, networking events and break-out sessions designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs from around the world.

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