GlitzSee Lights Purses

Image of GlitzSeeAs any woman can attest, purses provide both the best and worst in convenience. While they keep things like a cell phone, keys and wallet at hand, these same items often are elusive in the darkened depths of one’s bag. To shed much needed light on the situation, environmental engineer, Marylee Guinon, developed GlitzSee, a lightweight acrylic “gemstone” that serves as a motion activated light for purses, totes, carry-on bags and more. “GlitzSee has a little toggle switch to turn it on and off,” explains Katherine Sansone, marketing director. “When you’re going out, switch it on and put it in your purse. When you want to find your keys or cell phone, you shake your purse and GlitzSee lights up for 15 seconds. If you need more time, you shake your purse again.” The battery lasts about two years and cannot be replaced. GlitzSee comes in its own little purse and has a loop on the side, so it can be hung up. It also makes a handy nightlight.

The product was introduced in November 2011 in amethyst, aquamarine and topaz, and will be available in peridot, ruby red and pink tourmaline in October. “The red and green are very popular for the holidays,” Sansone points out. “They are great stocking stuffers and office gifts, because they are fun and inexpensive.” In addition, GlitzSee will soon be available in a heart shape for Valentine’s Day. GlitzSee has garnered an unexpected following. “The young girls like wearing them on necklaces when they go clubbing, because they’re flashy and they like the sparkle,” Sansone reports. “That’s the fun thing about being a girl, we always like the sparkle.”

Sansone and Guinon are in discussions about developing a similar product for men that would illuminate toolboxes and briefcases. “We want to create something in a less feminine shape,” Sansone reveals. I’m a golfer, so the first thing I thought of was a golf ball, but we haven’t determined the best shape yet.” GlitzSee retails for $12.95 to $18.95 and wholesales for $6.50, with volume discounts for large orders. The minimum order is 36 pieces. Retailers should contact the company directly for wholesale purchase information.

For more information:
Toll Free: 888-553-0235