Android App Scam Detector

image of scam detector appScam Detector Inc., developer of mobile app Scam Detector, recently released an Android version of its security app in order to help businesses better protect themselves against fraud. The Android Scam Detector is a free mobile and web application that exposes more than 550 of the world’s most fraudulent activities. Following in the footsteps of its sister apps for other platforms, the Android version has been released following overwhelming retailer demand.

“Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world requested an Android version,” reports Sorin Mihailovici, VP of business development for Scam Detector Inc. “We are now happy to provide it.” Scams that the app uncovers can be shared instantly on a retailer’s social media pages in order to raise awareness and prevent future issues. Customers can benefit from using the app as well, because it alerts any user of a potentially fraudulent mobile experience. Once the app recognizes that a user is encountering a scam, it raises an alert. A screen pops up on the user’s Android and tells him or her how to avoid the scam. All fraud examples in the app are organized by industry and include financial, real estate, social networking, online auctions and more. With some input by users who question a face-to-face encounter, the app can even help to identify when a criminal has entered the store.

Scam Detector had already been released for iPhone to great national and international acclaim, receiving five stars in the Apple App Store. It is widely used in 104 countries, with the highest concentration of users located in North America. Following the launch of the Android version, the Better Business Bureau announced that it has become an official partner with Scam Detector Inc.


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